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This is a complete rewrite of my incredibly niche ranking system for XenForo. It lets users submit events; either through Challonge, SmashGG or by hand. It then takes the results, and awards points to members of your forum. Previous versions strictly used the Association of Tennis Professional's ATP ranking system, but this new version gives the option to use the World Chess Federation's ELO ranking system instead.

XenTorneo does not run tournaments! I feel like I can not emphasize this enough; XenTorneo is a submission system for already completed tournaments. If you are looking for a tournament system to run your events, I recommend Challonge.com.


Basic Features:
  • Submit already completed tournaments from Challonge.com
  • Submit already completed tournaments from Smash.gg
  • Rank players based on their performances at past tournaments
  • Assign "teams" to players to show character usage at events
  • Create sub-leagues for local power rankings
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    Bug fix for people doing straight upgrades from the XF1 version.